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2023 Map

There is a new entrance in 2023 along with some general layout changes to RV parking and camping!

Fly Over the Grounds

Check out the grounds with this fly-over drone video!


Join us for another year at the Prairie Pothole Music Festival. If you are new to camping music festivals check out this festival camping checklist for great ideas on what to bring. We always ask that you avoid glass containers of any sort, bring plenty of water, and please recycle and dispose of any waste of course!


The Prairie Pothole includes music (of course), vendors, swimming, visual art, and camping.

How to get here

Aurora Knolls is located 6 miles North of Anamoose, ND.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers!

Do you take credit cards at the gate? Is there an ATM?

This is a cash only event.

No card processors are available at the gate for purchasing tickets with a credit/debit card. In addition there are no ATMs on site. There is an ATM in town nearby if you need it!

Are there any age limitations to this event?

This is an 18+ event only! ID is required for entry.

How much do tickets cost? How do I purchase tickets?

You can view pricing and purchase tickets on our tickets page. Car parking is not included in ticket price.

When do the gates open?

Gates open at noon on the first day of the festival. (Friday July 21st, 2023). There will be no early arrival for attendees.

Gate times:
Friday 12 noon - midnight
Saturday 10am - midnight
Sunday 10am - midnight

Thursday (July 21st)
8am-12pm - Vendors Only
12pm-12am - General Admission

Friday (July 22nd)

Saturday (July 23rd)
10am - 10pm

What is the camping situation?

Tent Camping is included with your ticket and limited RV spots (unpowered) are available on a first come, first serve basis for an additional cost ($20).

You may camp by your car in most areas unless you are wanting to camp in the trees. If you camp in the trees you will not be able to camp with your car but it’s not a very far walk from your car.

Can I reserve a camping spot?

Camping spots are first come first serve only. Come early!

Are there bathrooms/toilets?

Portapottys, everywhere! Along with hand washing stations.

Are there showers?

No showers are available! We recommend dry camping soap, or just be one with nature and the earth!

Is there garbage on site?

There is no garbage service available on site. So, plan ahead and take out everything that you bring in!

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes. All state and federal alcohol regulations apply. Must be of legal drinking age. We prefer and advise not to bring glass containers of any sort within reason. Please keep the grounds clean for everyone to enjoy!

Do you sell ice?

YES! We have a general store with random things you may need, including ice!

Can I bring my pet?

No pets please!

How can I volunteer?

We are always looking for help from volunteers. If you would like to help out, please fill out a volunteer application! This is a great way to get involved and your ticket reimbursed.

How do I become a vendor?

We welcome vendors to fill out our Vendor Application. We do our best to ensure a diverse selection!

Can I bring my own sound system for my campground?

Everyone needs a little rest to enjoy each day's activities. There is no particular limitation on bringing amplified sound for your campsite. We only ask you be respectful of your neighbors.

**Prairie Pothole staff reserves the right to shut down any amplified music that is beyond reasonable usage.

Can I spin fire? Will there be a fire circle?

Fire toys are allowed on the property with some requirements. Fire circles will be established by our awesome fire team.

Check out a full set of meeting times, rules, requirements, and locations here >.

In order to spin, you must attend at least one scheduled fire safety meeting. Meeting times and circle locations and times will be posted near the lodge stage. Fire toys will only be allowed in the fire circle when the safety cones are placed and the ignitors are lit. Please be safe and use discretion when using fire props.

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Booking Inquiries, Volunteer Opportunities, Vendor Requests, and Questions!

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