Ticket Information

2024 Ticket Information

Volunteer Opportunities

Get your ticket reimbursed by becoming a volunteer!

We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals to join our Street Team, Work Crew, and Operations Team. Experience is preferred, but not required. If you are interested in volunteering for Prairie Pothole Music Festival, there are ticket reimbursement opportunities available. Submit a volunteer application form to apply. We appreciate all of you so greatly!!

Gate Schedule

Please note that there is no entry or exit from the grounds once the gate has closed for the evening. This is for guest safety!

Gate times:
Thursday 12pm (noon) - midnight
Friday 10am - midnight
Saturday 8am - midnight

Thursday (July 21st)
8am-midnight - Vendors Only
12pm-Midnight - General Admission

Friday (July 22nd)

Saturday (July 23rd)
10am - 10pm

Important Info

ID Required

Your ID will be required upon entry to prove ticket purchase as well as confirmation of legal age, we are an 18+ event.

Cash Only

We are a cash-only festival, so be prepared whether it be a ticket at the gate, parking pass, vendors/food, general store, anywhere you may purchase something. There is an ATM at the local bar in Anamoose as well as surrounding gas stations.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

We will supply your car with a trash bag, please be respectful and take out what you bring in.


While we do recommend bringing your own supply of water, we will also have a water station on-site near the Lodge Stage for your hydration needs as well as showers near Vendor Row.

Car Camping

We do allow car camping in areas that aren't taped off to tents only. Be mindful that if you park in the middle of a campsite, you may not be able to get your car out in a timely manner and will have to wait for space to clear. The Karaganda Campground in the trees and VIP Sections are two of the main areas for tents only.

Road / Gate Closure

You will not be able to exit from the main festival area after the hours listed on the map. You will have to wait until the gates open the next morning to leave with your car in the event you have to do so. If you plan to exit and re-enter the venue, you will need to park in our main parking area at the entrance to the festival. Please make note of this to gate staff.

No Liquor Sales

We do not sell liquor at our event so your beverage of choice will rely on you and please do not bring glass into our festival. With so many bare-footed hippies walking around we don't want anyone getting hurt over broken glass. Obviously 21+ to drink, our security will not tolerate underage drinking, respect our rules and the party can continue.

No Drugs or Illegal Substances

Again, please respect our property and help us keep the party going with this simple rule.

Security and Medical

We will have security & medical personnel throughout the festival, you can find the medical tent next our General Store located on Vendor Row, security can be located at the gate or walking amongst the festival.

General Store

We will have almost everything you may need if you find out you forgot something!

Store hours are from 11am-5pm daily,

Things You May Need

We have many workshops and activities to do that offer many things.You might find yourself without a yoga mat, a golf disc, or even a kayak! For you RV people, you’ll need to supply your own power as our RV parking does not have power hookups.

Find our complete festival checklist right here!

Disc Golf Course

Please be mindful of the course and where you camp, we have LOTS of space to camp as we have over 40 acres to roam. With the course being a new addition this year, we expect many people to play and our Frontier Campground starts to mingle with the course. Help us help the throwers by camping clear of their path!